What Is A Guru?

A Guru is a manifestation of God Consciousness on the earth plane and is a creator who gives you the vision to realize your potential. They are also a person who sustains you, and who guides you toward reaching a state of perfection, and a destroyer of ignorance (your negative karma).

A Guru symbolizes moral values, spirituality, and wisdom. This is something that comes from deep within.  Guru is a medium through which you can approach truth, the supreme reality. They are a teacher who can help you identify the blockages that impede the realization of your goals –  an influential teacher.

A Guru has a sense of knowing what creates your world within, which affects your life externally. When looking to learn from someone, you will see something beautiful in them, and you will just want to learn from them. Then he or she will become your teacher. The person should not come and say, “Hey, I am your teacher, learn from me!” No genuine teacher will ever say that. If asked the question, “Are you my teacher?” They would say, “Well, I don’t know. You should know that. If you are learning something from me, maybe I am your teacher. If you are not learning anything, then I am not your teacher.”

As we move into the learning of the new consciousness, this is something to look for in a teacher. A teacher or guru will inspire you to move forward, clearing your past, and creating an exciting future.

Robb Whitewood taught me that we are all masters and teachers. We are all here to serve and help each other.  I have been honoured to have learnt from a GRANDMASTER & GURU – Mr Robb Whitewood. THANK YOU!

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