The Shame of Existence – The Whys in Life

After a major health struggle later in life I thought I would be in a different place than where I am now.  I was no where near what I wanted to achieve in this life. Even though I was successful in the things that mattered to me, I was disappointed at where I was in life, looking at others and comparing their successes and feeling I am so “behind” in life.  Little did I know the amount of shame I was carrying about this. It wasn’t until I acknowledged that I was actually ashamed of my life that true freedom came.  I am now so excited about the coming years and truely believe that confronting the shame in me has brought me the joy I was searching for.  Below is a poem about shame, drafted in tears, in pain, that provided freedom.  I hope on some level, whether male or female it resonates and brings you to a higher level of acceptance for yourself and others 🙂  namaste. 
The Shame of Existence – The Whys in Life
Why did I come into this world?
Why, why, why?
I am not happy being alone, I have learnt to be alone
To be strong, resilient, no fear
Why do others have successful lives and I don’t
That is not what I signed up for in this life
Why, why, why?
Can I advance to “go” and play the game
Why don’t I collect $200, yet others do
What holds me back
Your back holds you back I heard
The shame of existence
The shame of being
The shame of knowing
To what extent do we know
Do we know, when we know
The why’s, the why’s in life
I don’t know what I don’t know
I don’t reflect what I don’t know
The why’s, the why’s in life
You are born alone
You live alone
You die alone
You are alone
The why’s, the why’s in life
I am one with the breathe of life
I am one with the universe
I am one
I am one
I am someone
I am someone
I am important
I am whole
I am healed
I am surrounded by love


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