Selling To The Unconscious Mind

Selling to the unconscious mind of a client is the most profitable way to guarantee sales success. When a person says ‘YES’ to any deal it is because of only one thing and one thing only — their unconscious mind has said, ‘YES’. The really odd thing about all of this is that the individual may have no idea consciously as to why they are saying ‘YES” to you and your proposal.

Please be aware that we are all salespeople. This may sound offensive to some people but it is true nonetheless. The moment we live in a society we become salespeople. Think about it. Asking for a sale is obviously a selling situation. How about getting your children to eat their vegetables? Asking a person out on a date? Asking for a raise How about presenting a paper to the boss or a teacher? Even to put it not so delicately, getting laid is a sales job.

You see, anytime a person is required to influence the mind of another, it is a sales process that is implemented. How successful you are in society is directly related to this skill.

As a psychotherapist and trainer, I have to be the ultimate salesperson. People come to me with all sorts of behavioural issues, many of them very severe. It is my job to sell them a new reality. I started in the corporate environment because of a clinical session with a CEO that had an embarrassing little issue that was fixed in minutes. As a result, he asked me to teach his people similar techniques to improve their selling skills

How a person makes a decision is totally unconscious. By profiling them you know exactly what to say in order to get a ‘YES’ every time. By the way, this profiling process can be achieved very simply, as little as getting the answers to four simple and very innocent questions. By the time they are answered, there is a good chance you will know more about the person’s decision-making process than they do.

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