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Honouring the Life of Robb Whitewood
17.8.1960 - 30.3.2017

Robb Whitewood's legacy is much greater than his personal mission of “Bringing Heaven to Earth”. His legacy is the brilliance of his practitioners and trainers who now expand on his teachings in their own passionate pathways. It is the light that shines from his beloved students, clients, and friends whom he embraced with deep kindness and loved unconditionally. They were his family.

His legacy is the wisdom and healing he gifted us all through his teachings and mentoring. He helped thousands to find their inner peace and grow their personal inner strength. Intelligent, driven and compassionate, Robb had a unique way of connecting his love of traditional Chinese and Japanese teachings with modern-day applied techniques. In 1999, he founded Dynamic Mind Works, the community which now forms the basis of Eco Minds. Eco Minds preserves his legacy and builds from it to reach people with his teachings through his practitioners, therapists, coaches and trainers. Utilising a variety of education and information platforms including: online courses, one-to-one coaching and therapy sessions, insightful and inspirational articles, books, and live events. Robb Whitewood had a vision: to help as many people as he could to lead the life they love by freeing them of fear, suffering, trauma and limiting mindsets and by teaching them new skills to help them reach their dreams. Robb passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 30th March 2017 with a "Berry" brain aneurysm. He is extremely missed by us all. A timely article Robb posted on Facebook just weeks before he passed has been copied below for your contemplation.

Life is Life

Life is life nothing more; it promises nothing and sometimes is totally unexpected. The quest for all of us is to make some sense out of our existence. Are we immortal beings that live through eternity moving from one body to another or do we just vanish into nothingness at the point of our demise. Are we to live for the future preparing for a point in time where everything will be better one day. Do we dwell in the past attempting to understand the relationships, decisions and events that brought us to this moment. The fundamental truth of all of this is no-one knows. Everyone is creating stories in an attempt to make sense of it all. You could say this is pessimistic, or is it just realistic? What I do know is that today is all there is, tomorrow is just a dream and that yesterday has gone. The perfection of a day live well is the thing that creates life. Governments, churches, schools, employers and parents all fighting for a place in your mind to insert their stories so that you will give up a little or all of your today for them. In this way, you become a slave to the stories we tell ourselves. The only question you have to ask is, ‘Am I a slave to my story or is it someone else’s story that is controlling my life.’

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