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Robb Whitewood and Dynamic Mind Works

Dear clients and students of Dynamic Mind Works and Robb Whitewood,

Robb Whitewood suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on 30.3.2017. I am deeply sorry if you weren’t aware of this before you reached this page. I am writing this message 2 years after he passed away, and still it is difficult for me to come to terms with the magnitude of loss.

I decided to launch Eco Minds as his legacy company. This company is built from the foundation of Robb’s mission and wisdom. The professionals here are all Robb Whitewood trained or trained by one of Robb’s trainers. If you are looking to connect with someone for a one-to-one session either in a coaching or therapeutic realm, visit our directory here to find a wonderful professional to support you.

Robb had written a couple of books but hadn’t published them before he passed away. I am in the process of streamlining them and finding editors and proofreaders. I plan to complete one of them this year (2019). If you would like to donate to help publish this please feel free to contribute here. Everyone who has donated will be acknowledged personally in the book.

If you knew Robb or had a deep connection with Robb (I am deeply sorry for your loss) and would like to know more details, I am very comfortable to share. Please contact me using the contact us page. I do work a full time job as well as running Eco Minds (and will continue to do so until Eco Minds well established) so thanks in advance for your patience as it could take me 1 weeks to return your email.

With Love Allison

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