Niro Dayalan

Niro Dayalan

Emotional Resilience Coach / Trainer

Imagine the feeling you would have once you have achieved your dream(s).

Now here is the secret - the feeling you are feeling now is false, it’s misleading! If you double that feeling, then tripled it and multiplied by five, you may be close to the true feeling of living your dreams.

That proud moment is not just a feeling, or the awareness of mastery, desires or power.

That proud moment is about the person you have become, the impact that you have made, people you have attracted along the way and the awareness that you have Changed Your Game.

Why would you settle for anything less than the life you were born to live?

Change Your Game's - Performance coaching; will help you create the success you deserve, beak through your own limits, learn strategies, skills and methods used by the Top 1%'ters to keep them on top of their game.

Niro is an unbelievable Performace Coach. I have been seeing him for the past few months to help me get my life together. Since then my personal training business has blossomed.

He also pushed me to get on the bodybuilding stage, in which I placed fourth in the Australian Nationals. Niro has also helped me overcome my personal demons and fears, making me a happier and more successful person.

Dillon Brittain: Fitness Coach and Competitor Fitness First

My approach to helping

When you find a coach that is focused on you and your outcomes, you have found the greatest investment that can make on your self.

Change Your Game is about introducing infinite possibilities into your personal and business worlds. Imagine the possibilities when you are fuelled by your passions, connected to intimate emotions and aligned with you purpose.

Imagine a world where you let go of the need to be happy, to follow the path of your greatness

2 years ago I was a broken person. I was in my 6th year of chronic depression and a severe generalised anxiety disorder due to a life altering experience as a teenager. My life had been reduced to a daily state of dread and doom. Moments of peace found only through reckless abuse of drugs and alcohol. Recovery seemed unachievable, i was becoming hopeless as various attempts had failed.

Then ago I met Niro. Since that day my life began to improve. Through what seemed like simple tasks i began to see what was missing from my life.  The fundamentals of my being that i was not aligning with. This gave me a path and i continue to walk on it to this very day with an ever increasing smile and appreciation of life.

I will definitely recommend Niro to anyone that is suffering from Depression or Anxiety, or even if you just feel lost in this world.

Recovering Alcoholic

About Me

About eight years ago, I had this feeling that there is more to life. I thought that there had to be more than the mundane, depressed and anxious life I was currently living. I wanted a life more meaningful than working to pay off bills, trying to find someone to love me and only, just surviving.

During my journey to find my 'WHY', which I naturally thought was financial freedom, I discovered that financially successful people all had one thing in common: financial freedom was not their purpose or passion! In fact, they never worked for money. The money worked to be with them! The penny dropped; Financial freedom was a side effect of living your 'WHY’.

My passions for people took me down the path of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and transpersonal coaching. I am now a NLP Master Practitioner and Co-founded Neuro-linguistic Coaching (NLC), by mixing NLP with transpersonal coaching.

I now have the privilege to work with people across the globe. I am walking with them on their journey to find their 'WHY' and, the freedom live their passions.  Whether it is in business,
finance, relationships or health.

Contact me


Hilly St
Mortlake NSW 2137

Specialising In:

Coaching change makers to become empowering leaders, equipping them with emotional resilience and advanced communication skills.

Areas I offer support in:

  • Happiness
  • Confidence and self-worth
  • Mindset (memory, motivation, performance, etc.)
  • Being Lost or lacking direction
  • Loneliness or Aloneness
  • Learning
  • Other (please specify)

Sessions Offered:

  • In Person
  • Online

Age groups I work with:

  • children
  • adolescents
  • adults
  • elderly

I work with:

  • males
  • females

Timezones I'm working in:

  • Australia/Sydney - (GMT+10:00) Sydney

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