Mindsets: The Warrior vs the Soldier

I have to admit, over the past few months, I have been feeling burnt out on the progress towards my goals, and especially the one of achieving financial freedom. I’ve been waking up in the morning to prospect for new clients, going to the gym to beat my last deadlift, to run faster than my last 5km, to buy another property, to do more personal development than yesterday. Fellow dream chasers, holler if you feel me!

I thought, “Why am I doing this to myself?”. Why?

  • To be the best I can be
  • To take every opportunity
  • To never give up – to never settle

Then why the burn out? Why the struggle? And why the pain of the process rather than the joy of the journey?!  If you’re a dream chaser,  you’ve been here before. The certainty of your vision, purpose and passion have been tested by the storm of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Today – I had a blue sky moment! What if I’ve been living the last few years as a soldier, i.e. disciplined, methodical, clinical, surgical and systematic in the process of ‘achievement’. The soldier does as he is told, follows the process, never questions authority and is good at taking orders.

What if I could live as a warrior or ‘bushido’. Where all that matters is progress, the perfection of technique, every trial is a lesson, and every battle is a school ground. Where goals are important but fleeting and momentary. The journey and discovery of self is the real prize. To move past emotion and the illusion of victory and defeat.

The way of awareness – becoming and being. Self knowledge is the goal. Where the state in which you practice and learn is everything. There is never failure – only feedback. Then all obstacles are ‘on the way’ and never ‘in the way’.

The effort is still present – but the struggle is no more. I choose warrior! May the force be with you all.

Author: Kresant

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