Making Life Work: Feeling Full

Health, contrary to what you may believe at the moment, is straight forward.  It entails three elements. These are what you eat, what you do, and possibly the most important of all, is what you think.

Let’s start with what you eat. Once again, there are only three main ideas here.

Food that doesn’t rot isn’t food

I know it may sound gross, but it is true. The intestinal tract is full of bacteria. If the bacteria can’t break it down, then it isn’t food. It may surprise you to learn that there is a multitude of different types of bacteria. Some you might say are vegetarian, while others are carnivores. So if it comes in a box and doesn’t rot, then you are eating cardboard.

There was a rat experiment conducted feeding rats breakfast cereal and the shredded boxes that the cereal came in. The rats eating the boxes over time had significantly fewer tumours than the rats that ate the cereal. Possibly because the boxes were less processed. This, of course, leads us to the second idea.

Wholefoods are better for you than processed foods

The main point here is the bacteria has to be able to recognise it as food. The more processing, the less likely this is to occur.

An interesting idea here, in the old days when I was a kid (no comments on this!) milk was delivered by the milkman and only sold in milk bars. The reason for this is was because it had such a short shelf life. Leave it out in the sun, by mid-morning it was off.  Then homogenisation was introduced to dramatically increase shelf life. This process changes the structure of the fats in milk. As a result, the bacteria don’t recognise it and leaves them alone. Milk nowadays becomes stale before it grows bacteria. Stale is another word for rust.

Eat until you feel a slight swelling or restriction in your throat

This comes directly from Chinese medicine. The eyes and the stomach work together, it is as if they talk with each other regularly. As you see the food, it sends a message to the stomach.

A plate of veggies coming down speaks to the eyes and brain. The stomach’s response is ‘go for it’, throat wide open, unless there is an overabundance of meat-eating bacteria. Then the stomach says “No way, feed me meat, I’ve got hungry plants down here.” The eyes could look at a meal and send the message to the stomach – steak, potatoes, bread and sweetcorn followed by chocolate pudding and a cheese platter and crackers. The stomach responds with “I just don’t have the energy to digest such a big meal” and the sensation in the throat will start to increase. It is amazing you can be eating away and the message comes. You don’t have enough energy to eat the next mouthful of food. Or, more commonly called “you’re full”.

The interesting thing is most overweight people have lost this third, and most vital, process. The stomach is saying “no”, but the brain just keeps shovelling it in.

Getting individuals to be reconnected with this process is vital for weight control. It is an easy procedure using hypnosis and NLP. Because of conditioning, we can be trained to associate pleasure to anything. For example, feeling happy and eating garbage. When you eat the garbage you remember feeling happy, so you keep eating. NLP is great for resetting these conditioned responses in a way that is quick.

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