Lorraine Khouri

Lorraine Khouri

Master NLP and Hypnotherapist

Have you ever wondered why some goals you achieve quite easily and others seem to always be out of your reach? That those around you seem to achieve the success that you can’t? Or you have dreams and aspirations of being in a successful relationship and it never works out? Or you suffer from depression and anxiety and you can’t seem to overcome it? One minute your motivated and happy, the next your sad, upset, frustrated and lost?

Your thoughts, emotions and choices, change the wiring of your brain.
Your limiting beliefs, emotional foundation and behavioural patterns all affect you and impact you daily.

Master your thoughts, change your life.
Neural pathways change in response to the application of NLP and Hypnosis.
When you understand how the language of the mind creates the programs you run in life, you can enhance what is working, change what’s not and create new thoughts and emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Let me help you remove those limiting beliefs, address those disempowered thoughts and emotions, and Create the life you desire.

In 2016 I went through a major financial crisis in my business, lost my home and became very depressed. Daily I suffered from panic attacks and refused to leave the house. This impacted me personally, financially, as well as my family and relationships. I was referred to Lorraine by a friend, and haven’t looked back since. To date I haven’t suffered any more Panic attacks and now have a new thriving business. I am incredibly grateful for Lorraine’s kindness, support and professionalism.

Sam, Sydney

My approach to helping

My priority is to help you achieve the outcomes you desire, while focusing on the cause of your roadblocks, rather than the symptoms.

I’m a uni student, and failed my second year of nursing. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse but I was struggling with some trauma that I wasn’t really ready to deal with. My mum decided I needed some help, even though she didn’t really know what was going on. From the first time I met with Lorraine I felt relief, relief that I could be honest, relieved that it wasn’t my fault, and most of all relief that there was the possibility of a happy future !

Nik, Sydney

I came to see Lorraine as my Diet Coke addiction was way out of hand. I was drinking 5-6 litres a day, and constantly had headaches if I tried to stop. I had been doing this for nearly 20 years and it had taken its toll on my health. After just 2 sessions, I stopped drinking it, and it’s now been more than 6 months, and I don’t have any inclination to drink it again.

Kathe, Sydney

About Me

Hello, My name is Lorraine Khouri. I have spent my life with the desire to grow, learn and achieve. This passion has lead me to NLP, with an over whelming aspiration to help and serve others. I work with issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears and phobias, life transitions, clarity and purpose, relationships confidence and self-esteem, addictions, lack of self-belief/not feeling enough and communication, with self as well as others.

I help you to free yourself from the limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions which impact you achieving the life you desire, rather moving forward with clarity, confidence and strategy to achieve whatever you choose to focus on and dream of.

Contact me


Cabarita NSW 2137

Specialising In:

Dissolving anxiety, depression and stress. Life transitions. Removing limiting beliefs. Removing phobia. Relationship solutions and support. C larity of life purpose, and strategy. Emotional coaching. Effective communication.

Areas I offer support in:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Sleep
  • Fear or Phobias
  • Depression
  • Happiness
  • Confidence and self-worth
  • Health concerns (chronic fatigue, weight, burn out, fertility, allergies, IBS etc.)
  • Mindset (memory, motivation, performance, etc.)
  • Addiction (food, smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol etc.)
  • Being Lost or lacking direction

Sessions Offered:

  • In Person
  • Online

Age groups I work with:

  • children
  • adolescents
  • adults
  • elderly

I work with:

  • males
  • females

Timezones I'm working in:

  • Australia/Sydney - (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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