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Each year, do you donate, gift or volunteer to various organisations, individuals or charities?  I feel strongly that by contributing here we will achieve something very powerful and unique because we are united with the same mission.

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The Robb Whitewood Legacy is represented by Eco Minds.  Eco Minds will unite Robb Whitewood’s community of friends, students, practitioners, trainers and clients in a progressive mission.  Robb’s mission is to “Bring heaven to Earth”.   With Robb’s “blessing and encouragement” Eco Minds has a mission of  achieving the healing of the natural world THROUGH humanity’s inner peace.

Robb gifted us with is his friendship, love, wisdom, mentoring and healing so that we may share this with everyone and everything around us.

My role is to direct, unite and ignite the community.  Our hub will be right here at  You’ll have your own private member pages.  I’m laughing just a little right now because you’ll find once you join, you’ll hopefully be directed to your private member page, and well, I haven’t put anything there yet.  But I will be :).   I will be sharing with you the timeline of activities in the coming weeks.  You will be able to see clearly the progress and milestones as we gather momentum.

Your role is to listen to your heart and know what we are doing together will give us a greater meaning in life because you are part of a movement that sustains and enriches life for all.  Your committment as a founding member is to participate in accordance with your passion.  I won’t talk about the “I don’t have time” because if you have passion, time is irrelevant.  By having a passion but not being able to act on it, you have a parts issue.  Come and see one of the practitioners that will be listed on the site by the end of April.  And of course if you’re not passionate in this vision right now, then that’s perfect too. See you when you are 🙂

Your hardest role of all is to stay connected with the movement.  This means to receive, open and read the newsletters and take action where you are aligned with it.

Thank you for your patience in advance for any delay in my communication back to you if you message me or phone me.

During April and May 2019 I’ll be completing my IT contract, so am dedicating Saturdays to Eco Minds during that time.

If you’ve read this far, great stuff.

Love and


Hi! It’s Allison here 🙂

I like to be real, so read on if you like the real stuff too 🙂

In the first year your contribution in terms of your membership will fund all the necessities of building a strong foundation.  With 100 members that equates to $15,400 (exc GST).

I am currently working an IT contract to fund the very large expenses such as website, online course platform and the public launch marketing activites which will have a combined total of over $30,000 AUD.

With your membership support, we gain momentum to complete more content ready for the first phase of the public launch in September 2019.

In your second year of contribution, Eco Minds will fund community core projects with your exclusive right to vote on which project we do!  In this way our mission is significantly more purely directed.

100 founding members driving the mission.

With Love and

Professionals working as a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Therapist (psych /hyp)

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