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Your Robb Whitewood Legacy membership is about continuing Robb’s mission of bringing heaven to earth.


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The Robb Whitewood Legacy is represented by Eco Minds.  Eco Minds will unite Robb Whitewood’s community of friends, students, practitioners, trainers and clients in a progressive mission.  Robb’s mission is to “Bring heaven to Earth”.   

Robb gifted us with is his: friendship, love, wisdom, mentoring and healing so that we may share this with everyone and everything around us.

Your gift to the community  is by listening to your heart, showing your compassion with others near to you, and know what we are doing together is more powerful than doing it as one.  

Love and


Professionals working as a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Therapist (psych /hyp)

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Note that you don’t need to be a Robb Whitewood Legacy Member to join any of the memberships above.  Although it would be congruent with the mission and your purpose.
You can add-on the memberships below at anytime, it doesn’t need to be in the same signup session.  Just come back to this page and follow the instructions below once you’ve logged in to your members account.

How to purchase an add-on membership

Join the Robb Whitewood Legacy Membership first. You will be logged into your account if your join process worked.

1) To add your Professional membership, go to this page and join.


2) To add an NLP graduate resources membership, go to this page and join.

These pages above are “hidden” from public because they are by invitation only for graduates of Robb Whitewood and Robb Whitewood’s trainer’s graduates.

Thank you for your patience on this process, you will need to add in your payment details a second time.  Our system does not keep credit card details for security reasons.

Your Robb Whitewood Legacy Membership contributes $25 to Eco Minds Community Care, the not for profit arm of Eco Minds.   This contribution helps to cover some of the ongoing expenses of running a not for profit company.   By keeping the foundation up and running, you help us to apply for and win Government Grants, seek donations and connect resources and our expert practitioners with a community area in need.   Areas might include but not limited to: providing therapy for children from underprivileged  homes, supporting youths and the elderly to find a way out of homelessness,  programs for returned veterans suffering from PTSD,  lobbying government for change in particular socio-economic policies, animal welfare, education on growing food in your own backyard or front yard through local council engagement with the public! The scope is diverse.

Find out what we are delivering to the Community right now: Eco Minds Community Care.

Thank you for sincerely for your support.

Love Allison and

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