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Being Congruent with My Subconscious

Some years ago, I went searching for something. A belief, an idea, a technique, something (!) that would somehow fulfil that “turning wheel,” as I …

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family of penguins

The Penguin Principle: Faulty or Perfect Design?

To perform at our peak we need to let go of the notion that we can be everything to everyone, and instead accept ourselves for …

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three women smiling with arms around each other

Guilty by Association or Awesome by Osmosis: 3-Step Health Check for your Relationships

One of the mantras I live by is “We are who we hang out with”. And if we can believe this to be true (for …

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pink soft toy pig on shelf with plant

Emotions Management: The Pity Pig

Your emotional state can make or break your day. If caught off-guard, an emotional turn for the worse can hijack conversations, adversely impact productivity and …

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Confessions of a Serial Learner: 3 Bulletproof Strategies to Undermine your Growth

Everyone has a thing.  A thing they love, a thing they are good at, a thing they could talk about all day, and that makes …

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woman sitting on a balcony overlooking forest with feet up on rail

Behavioural Change: The Benefits That Keep You Stuck

  Changing your beliefs and behaviours can be difficult. Yet some people seem to manage just fine. Why is that? Sometimes it’s the hidden benefits …

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Pregnant woman holding heart over stomach

Less Stress for Mums

Ask yourself: What do you think about when you wake up? What do you think about as you’re drifting off to sleep at night? Are …

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guy stretching

Making Life Work: Feeling Full

Health, contrary to what you may believe at the moment, is straight forward.  It entails three elements. These are what you eat, what you do, …

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relationships, chivalry in romantic relationships business and teams, chivalry for men and women

Chivalry in the 21st Century

“Chivalry” – does this word have any meaning in the 21st century? Does our new generation know what it means? Do previous generations know the …

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