Practitioners: Heal Thyself

It easy to say to an expert – follow your own advice. As NLP practitioners, we have the knowledge to deal with many different issues with our clients, but how many of us can deal with our own issues?  For example, I have a record of high success in my weight loss patients. However, I’m still overweight myself. I’ve been asked by my clients why I can’t do this myself?

There is a sophistication to NLP which, delivered at speed, can seemingly blow out compulsions, change behaviour and alter processing patterns. However and thankfully, on the face of it, we are all human with foibles, fears and issues we choose not to address or to ignore.  

NLP works exceptionally well when there is an operator and a subject. By the time NLP Master Trainer level is attained, one is expected to be able to teach oneself using the subtleties of NLP training.  Until then, it’s perfectly respectable to have to use a peer for operator training. So you’re not an NLP Master Trainer yet, does that mean you have to use an external operator for change management? Of course not. But there is a degree of honesty that must be attained in order to face the demons within.  

I am an NLP Master Trainer – do I fix everything myself? No. Why not? Because I am clearly comfortable with my supposed issues and perhaps they are not issues for me but issues for others…. Let’s be honest, when we maintain our issues we are benefiting from them. There is always a point of secondary gain keeping us in place. If that is the case, working with an (NLP Master Practitioner) operator may make it easier to objectively pull out the secondary gain from the deep recesses of your denial. Finally, I’m of the mind to ask to have issues or not to have issues?  I vote for not having issues. I am clearly gaining from those behaviours that otherwise could be perceived as ‘issues’ and any gain has to be a bonus, doesn’t it?

Do I have to heal myself? Do you have to heal yourself? Only if you perceive yourself as being ill. For me, I’d rather think of life as a series of states of being. Each state serves different and important purposes. Do I need to fix myself? Only if my behaviour no longer serves me and then it’s not an issue, it’s simply a non-resourceful state ready to be changed.

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