Prabha Srinivasan

Prabha Srinivasan

About Prabha

Prabha Srinivasan is Counsellor, Life Coach and Yoga teacher. Prabha was brought up in southern India deeply immersed in the cultural and religious practices of the time. Growing up, Prabha felt a pull to go beyond the current practices and be guided by her heart. As part of this growing up process, Prabha encountered various challenging life situations that moulded her and deepened the need to understand life. All of Prabha’s work today have been inspired by the hardships she faced and the will to ‘crack to the code’ of life. Prabha founded Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing, in 2016, to promote spiritual growth and to foster the community during their soul’s emergence. Hridhaya has now grown to become a hub for wellbeing. Prabha lives in Mackay, Queensland and endeavours to continue learning and sharing life with all.

Prabha’s Mission in Life

Is to learn and share. Learning and exploring the nature of life, she finds channels to share it with the world. Writing to Prabha is the most intimate form of expression.

Prabha’s ultimate dream

Building a communal living space with co-housing facilities, shared communal spaces such as kitchen, meditation hall and community garden, that enables a lifestyle of connection and community with fellow beings and nature.

Prabha has published two books

Moon’s Quest – Enlightenment through Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

If you feel lost or confused in your spiritual journey, this book is here to help you. Providing interpretations of the Yoga Sutras through Prabha’s lived experience and supporting material from various sources to strengthen your understanding of the sutras, this book addresses various topics including, what is enlightenment, true purpose of yoga, stages in journey to enlightenment and much more.

Guidance in Your Handbag

Unless you are armed with tools for positive thinking, your energy will start spiralling down from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. While negative thoughts can drain your energy, you can shift back to feeling positive and powerful again, given the right aid.
Guidance in Your Handbag is a collection of one hundred thoughts to inspire you every day from holistic life coach Prabha Srinivasan. Her insights, messages, and revelations will shatter unhelpful thought patterns and assist you in developing a nurturing mind. Consider this book a must-have first aid kit for times of stress, bringing you back to a state of peace, hope, and comfort.

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