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“I’ve wanted to write ever since I can remember. It’s more than just a passion – it’s a devotion. I’m inspired by beautiful language patterns, eccentric human behaviour and a dollar sign on a contract.”

“I’m an Australian based writer, poet and expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I’m a clinical Hypnotherapist and a psychotherapist. I play the UKULELE and adore my husband and dog. I live by the beach and on occasion I howl at the moon.”

Jane Nash is the author of 4 books. These are showcased below.

She is also currently a COLUMNIST at iPinion Syndicate (USA) which she juggles with her book ghostwriting contract and full-time Psychotherapy Practice in Cairns.

Her ultimate dream is to keep on writing, to live a life of fun and love.

Jane has published four books


This book challenges current trends and rewards the time taken to peruse the images and read the texts as it celebrates the loveliness in everyone, all ages, gender, style, type and appearance.

Book cover of Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

This book is no longer in print.  More information on the book can be found here.


This is JL Nash’s first solo publication and it takes poetry out of the academic’s hand and firmly places it back in the narrative of everyday life, Drawing inspiration from Pacific Islands, ghosts of dogs and lots of holes, she addresses love, lust and happiness with a measured sprinkling of the darker bits of life too, Fun and moving, a great range of life’s tidbits to feed on.


It’s free verse poetry fertilized with a rich imagination and a discreet mastery of the English language. …. to place a magnifying glass over the minutiae of life an help the reader access vistas that are not visible to the naked eye; Suddenly the dark ocean is populated with a multitude of glow-in-the-dark life forms”

Book Cover of Eden's Other Daughter


Ephesia Grammata or the Book of Spells, contains handwritten calligraphy, original texts and illustrations in a form of a book. It contains modern English and an amalgamation language developed specifically for this project which hails from Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Greek, Latin and the imagination of the author.

This book is no longer in print, but more information can be viewed here.

Book page from Ephesia Grammata

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