Anna Dernham

Anna Dernham

About Anna

I work as a Regional Librarian in South East Queensland. I have written a book about my healing journey from a breast cancer diagnosis. I have learnt how to be a coach and have practiced my learned skills on myself and others. My most important interests are my family. I love being a grandmother to two beautiful children.

I write to tell the world my story with the intent to be inspirational and empathetic. Sometimes it releases my unhappy feelings and other times I share my fun feelings.

My ultimate dream is to have the freedom to be an inspirational storyteller to inspire myself and to inspire others to have the freedom to choose to live an extraordinary life.

Anna's Published Book

Go home and grow tomatoes; how I survived breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. After having a mastectomy I was offered aggressive chemo because the surgeon had removed an aggressive tuma from my left breast. I declined the chemo offer and changed what I believed needed changing in my life to progress my healing journey. I have written about the road I chose to follow towards discovery.

You can purchase Anna’s book at Balboa

Book cover of Go Home and Grow Tomatoes

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