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Snail moving across a gap of granite

Screw the S and grab the G: From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Google returns about 17.500.000 results in 0.58 seconds if you search for the term “goal setting“ (and, for the geeks …

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two labels, one pink and one blue

The Problem With Feminism

There are a range of challenges and disadvantages an individual can encounter inside any group that is an “ism”. One …

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sign attached to pole saying

Self-Love or Self-Loathing? 3 Quick Ways to Assess your Level of Self-Love

Most everyone, when confronted with the term ‘self-love’, has their own unique response. Some people start picturing a narcissistic person, …

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carton of white and brown egg shells pained with happy/sad faces

Domestic Violence is Also Initiated and Maintained by the Victim

I won’t ever fall into a domestic violence situation. That’s what I categorically and heartily stated when I was 18. …

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spiral of stained glass windows on a ceiling

Personal Development and The Dark Night of the Soul

Personal Development — it’s all the rage right now. Like a new iPhone or fashion craze, it’s sweeping across our …

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b_choosing the light in life

Choosing the Light in Life

I wrote the following article during a time I was struggling to decide whether to have children or not. My …

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individual letter tiles scattered on a table with two words spelt out - carpe diem

When the Partying Comes to An End

When I was 17, I thought I had the plan all sorted. I had already started university and had a …

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love written in the sand on a beach by the tideline

Love is a Marvellous Word

LOVE. The word alone summons up angels and demons and everything in between, depending upon who you are and of …

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city street and nightlife

A Mugging in Vegas: Trust Your Intuition

A big scone came up instantly where the Corona bottle had smacked the side of her head. It was red …

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