Reflecting on Freedom

Over the last few weeks, I have been focusing on making life work. To do this, understanding the concepts of slavery and freedom are possibly the most important things to get your head around. When you grasp the meaning of these two concepts you will be well on your way to personal happiness, business success, health, and significant improvements in relationships.

Long ago, I learned there was no such thing as a well-adjusted slave. Yes, it’s an interesting term, but what does it mean? For me to get it, there were a couple of ideas and concepts that I had understand first.

Firstly the idea of freedom is a complete fantasy. It is just a fairy tale told to children. Freedom does exist, but only within the confines of the mind and even this has its boundaries and conditions. Being alive means that hunger binds us and gravity and time dictate to us. Only in our death are we free of these constraints. Politicians use the word freely. It has become a rallying cry for the masses. We are not to be told what to do — we are free!

Clearly, you are not free if you have ever attempted to run a business, build a house, own a car, not vote, choose the rate of interest you are to pay, go to school or not. The number of rules, regulations, laws and taxes is incredible. The vast majority of these laws are enacted not by common law, but by admiralty law. Another way of describing admiralty law is to think of it as the law of commerce. Even the simple act of getting a birth certificate creates the legal fiction that is your personal bill of loading.

Simply put, you are the property of the State. When you register a car, you are handing control of it to the State. The word registration comes from Regi = King, Regina = Queen. Even when you buy land it is never really yours. What you are buying can be taken away very quickly, not often done, but true. Do you own the water on your land? No. Do you own the minerals below your feet? No.

At this point you might think is Robb an anarchist? No! This is just the way it is and it has been this way for thousands of years. It may be true that we are more watched and controlled now than ever before.

In the last one hundred years, more than 100,000,000 people have been killed or died fighting for a concept that they have no idea what it means. In 2015, $1,676,000,000,000 or one thousand six hundred and seventy-six trillion dollars was spent on the miliYtary and buying armaments protect the idea of freedom, while people starve.

Fighting for freedom is one sure way of ensuring slavery. This is achieved by creating a fictitious monster that you must fight against, or it will be the death of you and all that you love. As you fight against this fictitious monster, you hand resources over to the creator of the monster.

This process of creating monsters to manipulate each other is not just about governments. It is just about people. Families do it to each other, lovers do it, churches do it. Why? Because people are just stupid enough to believe in the illusion of monsters. Guys, this is a stupidity test or a stupidity tax which we are all failing or passing depending on your point of view.

Does freedom exist? Yes, it does. Freedom occurs the moment you start seeing the monsters for what they are — illusions. Just like fingers of light dancing on a cave wall, your fears are created within you.

I was very fortunate to have learned this lesson long ago in martial arts. The fear of getting hit is far more damaging than it actually is. The fear of being hit is the very thing that guarantees that you will be hit. Does not having a fear of the illusion mean that you will never be hit, no. The danger is a real thing and exists in the physical world.

Fear is a story or fiction that we tell ourselves. The real challenge is to recognise the difference between the two. Once you learn this skill, you will see danger coming from miles away and have the best possible chance of stepping out of its way.

My students and clients come to train with me so they can see their personal monsters for what they are – illusions created by others believed by you to trick you to give up your resources. The most valuable resource of all is your time. By the way, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Money, love, relationships, health, and education are just a few.

As you deal with a monster you gain your freedom. No sooner have you gained your freedom from a monster then the next monster will appear. Remember we all create monsters or illusions in order to make sense of the world. The process of learning is the ability to remove the monsters or the process of becoming disillusioned (the removal of illusion). Some would say we just replace one illusion with a more inclusive or friendlier one.

Have fun making friends with your monsters, it is the path to true freedom!

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