False Evidence Appearing Real: Overcoming Fear

Our bush walking group started on our two-day walk in the middle of the Blue Mountains of Sydney on a lovely Saturday morning. The high peaks and deep troughs of the mountains and picturesque views and scenery captured our five senses and took our mind far away —  to where life is awesome.

I really love connecting to nature, spending time in it and absorbing its energy. We spent two days and one-night camping in this garden of Eden. It was the last day and we were now climbing out, making our way up to one of the mountain peaks to complete the weekend.

The track was very narrow on steep and unstable ground with a very deep drop down into the valley on one side. As we were making our way up the track in pairs, side-by-side, a couple of runners were coming up behind us that we were unaware of.

Before I realised it, they pushed their way between us. I tripped and stumbled over the edge of the cliff and I tumbled down the side of the mountain. I remember banging my head on a rock just before crashing into a huge gum tree in my path.

All of a sudden … I wake up in my bed. My heart is beating at 100 miles an hour. I’m gasping for breath and my body is covered in sweat.

Listen up

It was just a dream. However, my mind could not tell the difference and alerted my body to the pending danger and it reacted accordingly.

Why? False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

It’s these imaginary fears that control our lives and stop us from using our full potential to create magic in our world. The sooner we realise this, the sooner we can get on with living and enjoying an awesome life.

Understand this

When a False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) shows up in our lives, see it for what it really is …

If it’s not life-threatening, seriously consider moving towards it. More than likely, this could very well be the gateway to your personal growth, expansion and freedom.

Here’s the deal

Empower yourself and become fearless in exposing False Evidence Appearing Real — the gateway to freedom in our lives.

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