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Outline of two people with binoculars and the figures are covered in words such as deficiency inadequacy

The Shame of Existence – The Whys in Life

Preface:After a major health struggle later in life I thought I would be in a different place than where I am now.  I was no …

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Snail moving across a gap of granite

Screw the S and grab the G: From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Google returns about 17.500.000 results in 0.58 seconds if you search for the term “goal setting“ (and, for the geeks out there – you know …

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dartboard with numbered rings and dart on the bulls eye

Creative Goal Setting for Improving your Solo Practice

If you realize that there are aspects of your business you should be improving, do not sit on your hands and blame everyone and everything …

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two labels, one pink and one blue

The Problem With Feminism

There are a range of challenges and disadvantages an individual can encounter inside any group that is an “ism”. One of my favourite principles that …

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sign attached to pole saying

Self-Love or Self-Loathing? 3 Quick Ways to Assess your Level of Self-Love

Most everyone, when confronted with the term ‘self-love’, has their own unique response. Some people start picturing a narcissistic person, adoringly staring at their own …

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carton of white and brown egg shells pained with happy/sad faces

Domestic Violence is Also Initiated and Maintained by the Victim

I won’t ever fall into a domestic violence situation. That’s what I categorically and heartily stated when I was 18. Well, at 30 years old, …

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spiral of stained glass windows on a ceiling

Personal Development and The Dark Night of the Soul

Personal Development — it’s all the rage right now. Like a new iPhone or fashion craze, it’s sweeping across our globe with millions of people …

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b_choosing the light in life

Choosing the Light in Life

I wrote the following article during a time I was struggling to decide whether to have children or not. My heart wanted to, however, my …

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street sign saying

How Do I Get More Clients

It’s the question every NLP consultant asks. Why? This is because clients are the lifeblood of any consulting business. Without clients, you can’t keep the …

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