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Live, Love and Prosper

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Created and Instructed by Jenny McFadden

Have you been feeling frustrated or despondent that your life isn’t going in the direction you want? Are you worried or anxious about your future?

Are you seeking true love in your life, dealing with financial struggle or health issues? Is success eluding you?

Jenny McFadden is an author and a Life Purpose Coach with over 25 years experience as a teacher, artist and intuitive Kinesiologist.

Jenny has spent the last 2 years designing a course with all the tools to help you "Live, Love and Prosper". She will show you how to reprogram your mind, release sabotaging emotions and activate your creativity so you can experience greater peace, joy and fulfilment and achieve the loving, prosperous and successful future you desire.

7 Steps to Your Dream Career​

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Created and Instructed by David Frood

Are you stuck in a job you dread getting up in the morning for? Is your job negatively impacting on your zest for life? Do you have a manager that sabotages you or prevents you moving up the ladder? Are you stressed and burnt out?

David Frood is the Author of "Steps to becoming a Thinking Corporation" and a corporate consultant of 20 years.

David will teach you the 7 steps to reach your dream career. You will delve into areas of personal change and learn how to flex your awareness muscle as well as learn the strategies that will lead you to the Career you love.

Write your first non-fiction book in 9 weeks! What's your story?

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Created and Instructed by Jane Nash

Have you ever had an inner voice telling you to write? Do you enjoy writing and expressing yourself? You know you have something important to share with the world, but you don't know where to start?

Jane Nash has designed a 9 week course that takes you through 21 steps that have been especially crafted to help you write your first (or subsequent) non-fiction book!

Jane is the author of four books. She is an author of both non-fiction and fiction book styles.

The successful completion of writing a book is in the structure and process that Jane will lead you through with ease and simplicity.

You'll be surprised at how easily creativity and information flows out onto the page when your logical mind is satisfied it is following a structure. You'll learn about magical mind maps, purposeful book structure, essential referencing, popular formatting styles, ebook creation, proofreading steps, engaging beta reading, how to select your title, your cover image and much more.

Enlightenment Through the Language of Mind and Body

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Created and Instructed by Prabha Srinivasan

Author of two books, Prabha Srinivasan takes you on a practical guided journey to access your spiritual self. If you feel lost or confused in your spirituality, this course is here to help you. This course is a practical application of her latest book called "Moon's Rising". She interprets the Yoga Sutras through her lived experience and supports it with material from various sources to strengthen your understanding of enlightenment. She leads you the stages in the journey to enlightenment and how the mind and the body connections empower your life experiences. It is a practical body and mind course over 30 days.

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