Community Care is about connecting our specialised practitioners and trainers with a community area in need.

Areas in need might include: providing therapy for children and parents from underprivileged homes, supporting youths and the elderly to find a way out of homelessness,  programs for returned veterans suffering from PTSD,  lobbying government for change in particular socio-economic policies, animal welfare, growing food in your own backyard, educational programs on low-tox living, sustainability education programs…  Projects for countries other than Australia will be funded in the form of online programs and training of community leaders who can take their skills back to their community in need.

Eco Minds Members and Robb Whitewood Foundation members generously donate annually to this project fund.   An annual recurring membership is so helpful when it comes to planning and budgeting and forecasting activities.

Each time this fund reaches $AUD 3,000  Eco Minds roll out a Community project with clearly defined goals.  Our weekly newsletter will keep you up to date about Community Care projects: our funds raised and new projects coming up and information about any current projects.  

This page will be dedicated to announcing each project and their results and any learnings we took away from project. 

Thank you sincerely for your support. 

We will be in touch as we hit each milestone!

Eco Minds Team

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