Community Care is about connecting our specialised practitioners and trainers with a community area in need.

Areas in need include but not limited to: providing mental health support for children and teenagers, supporting parents who are struggling with isolation, supporting youths and the elderly to find a way out of homelessness,  programs for returned veterans suffering from PTSD, growing food in your own yard for your health, educational programs on low-tox living, sustainability education programs. Projects in countries other than Australia will be funded in the form of online programs and training of community leaders who can take their skills back to their community in need.

Eco Minds Members and Robb Whitewood Foundation members generously donate annually to this project fund.   

This page will be updated with new project grants and progress reports on current projects.  Visit here also for the projects successes and also find out how we can we can improve on future projects. 

Thank you sincerely for your support. 

We will be in touch as we hit each milestone!

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We are deeply grateful for your contribution.

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