Clinical Hypnotherapy

There are a couple of nice big words there, so let’s break it down.

  • Clinical – observation and treatment under controlled conditions
  • Hypnotherapy – hypnosis as a therapeutic technique

What is Hypnosis?

Well, you have all seen the stage acts followed by the statement you’re not going to make me think I am a chicken, and besides, you can’t hypnotise me anyway.

So have you ever:-

  • Driven somewhere and not remembered the trip when you have arrived
  • Tuned out during a boring meeting or dinner/wedding speech.

Guess what happened just by recalling those occasions. You were in hypnotic trance, it’s a natural state and we all do it.

We also all have that voice in our head that says, I couldn’t do that, what will they say, all the usual chatter that gets in the way.

So all clinical hypnotherapy is, is doing a therapy under controlled conditions that bypasses the chatter in the conscious mind.

Author: Craig Chitty

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