Choosing the Light in Life

I wrote the following article during a time I was struggling to decide whether to have children or not. My heart wanted to, however, my fears were stopping me from embracing the idea…

Why there is light in bringing a child into the world today.

There is always an equal balance of light and dark in the world. It is simply my filters of perception and what I choose to focus on that decides how much of each energy I am seeing. For a long time, I have focused on the dark energy in this world.

I have focused on the disparity between the rich and the poor, the elite behind the curtain who are pulling the strings within politics, science and world government, the control measures in place in our culture that decide what the majority eat, drink, medicate with, aspire to be, and of course, the fact that no one knows or wants to believe any of this – the cunning deceit. I am aware of the mind washing measures in place within our media, education and government organisations.

I became aware of all of this several years ago during my awakening process whilst learning NLP. I have known ever since that this is real, powerful and very much happening on purpose. Since this time, I have struggled to return to a former happy state. 

The question is: Where is all the light energy sitting, of equal amount?  Today I repent of this former unbalanced focus – being fixed on the dark energy. Now, I am aware of all of the light energy activities in this world and I choose to focus on these with a balanced perspective.

Where the light is:

  • Those who have awoken and become spiritually rich, loving connected souls. Those who have evolved through the value systems to reach harmony of give and take.
  • Those who have stopped to question who they are deep within, brushed off the limiting conditioning and transcended the dark, escaping the selfish suffering cycles.
  • The small discreet communities that are working together in love to experience richer, more connected lives.
  • The exposure of the alternative holistic health industries, educating the masses thanks to western and eastern sciences.
  • Those who have chosen to turn off the media machine and listen to their souls, building up their inner powers and sharing this with others.
  • The great and picturesque landscapes that nature still offers us – the fresh air, the peace and solitude, the smells, the earth’s currents, the moon cycles, the escapes whenever we need it.
  • The souls that are still creating beautiful visual masterpieces’ that generate awe, appreciation and love.
  • The animals on our planet with their unconditional love and respect for the planet.
  • All the beautiful little children, naive, innocent, unconditionally loving, curious, playful and open.
  • Dancing for joy – across the world no matter who it is, dancing inspires abandon from our worldly concerns and instils a chance to be in the moment, breaking language barriers and inducing smiles and laughing. The vibrancy of life in dance and food.
  • The chance of being a human for a short time is a gift in itself – who can judge if this is good or bad. It is a rare opportunity that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • The amazing tastes that food offers and the variety that can be sampled.
  • The chance to shape a child with the foundations of love, integrity, connection, kindness and compassion.

Today I let go of those dark energies that I formerly gave power to:

  • I let go of focusing on the darkness in this world and instead focus on the powerful light souls.

  • I let go of focusing on the control engines of the dark elite and instead focus on the growing many who have awoken, conquered and evolved. I now focus on  light-promoting practices such as words of wisdom, unconditional love, healing meditation and therapies, herbs and natural medicines, living in the loving flow, teaching true knowledge and returning back to a balance of mind, body and spirit.

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