Snail moving across a gap of granite

Screw the S and grab the G: From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Google returns about 17.500.000 results in 0.58 seconds if you search for the term “goal setting“ (and, for the geeks …

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two labels, one pink and one blue

The Problem With Feminism

There are a range of challenges and disadvantages an individual can encounter inside any group that is an “ism”. One …

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spiral of stained glass windows on a ceiling

Personal Development and The Dark Night of the Soul

Personal Development — it’s all the rage right now. Like a new iPhone or fashion craze, it’s sweeping across our …

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city street and nightlife

A Mugging in Vegas: Trust Your Intuition

A big scone came up instantly where the Corona bottle had smacked the side of her head. It was red …

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Treat yourself well

Goal Setting: You Shouldn’t Should on Yourself

Should is an interesting word. An old teacher of mine used to say, “Robb, you shouldn’t should on yourself.” Only …

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Perception and Projection

There is no such thing as good or bad

You may think success means that you have to drive a certain car, buy a certain house, wear certain clothes …

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So many problems caused by others

Are You At Cause Or Effect

Cause and effect is a fundamental concept for me. I think it is one of the biggest things for producing …

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Why Things Are Not Always As They Seem

I was involved in a TV commercial a long time ago and the experience made me realise how much television …

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The Difference Between Contemplation and Affirmations

Many individuals have contacted me either through email or over the phone and asked me to clarify the very process …

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toddler and teddybear

What Is A Guru?

A Guru is a manifestation of God Consciousness on the earth plane and is a creator who gives you the …

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