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Using NLP with Central Core Disease: Profiling and Time Based Techniques

I met Anne at a community Weight Management program I was delivering. She learned and practised introductory NLP, and my …

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hand working on gears

Using NLP with Central Core Disease: Visualisations and Hypnosis Techniques

In the previous article, I introduced the profiling and time-based techniques with a client, Anne. During self-hypnosis techniques we worked …

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Practitioners: Heal Thyself

It easy to say to an expert – follow your own advice. As NLP practitioners, we have the knowledge to …

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Living a Stressless Life

Over the last 30 years, I would have to say the condition that sits in my clinic chair more than …

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You Don’t Deal With Depression – You Get Rid Of It

Firstly, you don’t deal with depression, you get rid of it. I was impressed with the reaction to my last …

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Motivation Made Easy

People attending clinical therapy often present themselves with what they think is a lack of motivation. When you look at …

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Making Life Work: Applying Discipline

I am frequently asked to comment on how do you make life work.  How do you do life? What is …

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Making Life Work: Healthy Foods

In a previous post, we presented the idea that there are three main areas of life to get organised. Those …

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Making Life Work: Exercise Made Easy

Today’s post is going to be very short. The subject is all about exercise. Yes, it is about that sweaty …

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Making Life Work: Values and Decisions

Of the health series of making life work, this post is one of the most interesting and challenging. You see, …

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