Rules for life

Rules For Life

The good news is my fishing license arrived in the mail yesterday and it is valid for the next five years. People often tell me …

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Success or failure

Success Or Failure: Rethink The Concept

There is a famous story about a first-grade baseball player. One day, he had an accident on the way to school which meant that he …

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medieval armor

Mindsets: The Warrior vs the Soldier

I have to admit, over the past few months, I have been feeling burnt out on the progress towards my goals, and especially the one …

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origami flower

Outcome vs Mastery

When coaching an athlete (or an aspiring one) it is so important to establish a strong mindset for independent growth and the internal resources to …

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cute spider

Facing Phobia

This is a response I wrote for a Facebook friend. I thought I would share it with you. Wow, you have had an interesting journey. …

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blocks of concrete, monument

Selling To The Unconscious Mind

Selling to the unconscious mind of a client is the most profitable way to guarantee sales success. When a person says ‘YES’ to any deal …

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happy tiger lying on his back

Killing Anxiety: The Fun Of Killing Tigers To Extinction

It may surprise you, but I’m really into killing things. More importantly, as I am killing these things it is imperative that I have lots …

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person spreading arms, sunet

Thank The People You Hate

Today’s message is short and sweet. The title may sound unusual, though it is a useful process to understand and implement. We are who we …

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caterpillar on a twig

Making Today The Day to Begin Change

Have you ever said that? Today is the day that things change! Said with tremendous conviction and driven by a belly full of frustration at …

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colored playing pieces

Structures of Society: Doctors, Samurai and Peasants

People ask me why I am so happy all the time. Why things just don’t seem to get to me as they appear to get …

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