Outline of two people with binoculars and the figures are covered in words such as deficiency inadequacy

The Shame of Existence – The Whys in Life

Preface:After a major health struggle later in life I thought I would be in a different place than where I am now.  I was no …

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sign attached to pole saying

Self-Love or Self-Loathing? 3 Quick Ways to Assess your Level of Self-Love

Most everyone, when confronted with the term ‘self-love’, has their own unique response. Some people start picturing a narcissistic person, adoringly staring at their own …

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carton of white and brown egg shells pained with happy/sad faces

Domestic Violence is Also Initiated and Maintained by the Victim

I won’t ever fall into a domestic violence situation. That’s what I categorically and heartily stated when I was 18. Well, at 30 years old, …

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b_choosing the light in life

Choosing the Light in Life

I wrote the following article during a time I was struggling to decide whether to have children or not. My heart wanted to, however, my …

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brightly coloured buckets on sandy beach

Happiness is within but what about my bucket list?

Whoah, Life please slow down! I am already 35 and there is so much left to do! Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was getting …

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colourful chameleon in spotlight under leaves

The Day I Shaved My Hair Off For a Dare

When I shaved my head it was a moment that changed everything. I was 26 years old. A pretty enough girl, I guess, with longish …

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lights spiralling down a highway at dusk

The Time Machine Will Take You To Your Purpose

I SPENT A LONG TIME CONFUSED ABOUT MY PURPOSE. I assumed it was supposed to be something very clear and defined, very mainstream, widely recognized …

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Being Congruent with My Subconscious

Some years ago, I went searching for something. A belief, an idea, a technique, something (!) that would somehow fulfil that “turning wheel,” as I …

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family of penguins

The Penguin Principle: Faulty or Perfect Design?

To perform at our peak we need to let go of the notion that we can be everything to everyone, and instead accept ourselves for …

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Confessions of a Serial Learner: 3 Bulletproof Strategies to Undermine your Growth

Everyone has a thing.  A thing they love, a thing they are good at, a thing they could talk about all day, and that makes …

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