individual letter tiles scattered on a table with two words spelt out - carpe diem

When the Partying Comes to An End

When I was 17, I thought I had the plan all sorted. I had already started university and had a …

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love written in the sand on a beach by the tideline

Love is a Marvellous Word

LOVE. The word alone summons up angels and demons and everything in between, depending upon who you are and of …

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person typing on old fashioned typewriter with cup of tea

I Wrote Myself a Letter

I wrote myself a letter, to be opened on the 1st of December 2029, my fiftieth birthday. I signed it …

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three women smiling with arms around each other

Guilty by Association or Awesome by Osmosis: 3-Step Health Check for your Relationships

One of the mantras I live by is “We are who we hang out with”. And if we can believe …

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relationships, chivalry in romantic relationships business and teams, chivalry for men and women

Chivalry in the 21st Century

“Chivalry” – does this word have any meaning in the 21st century? Does our new generation know what it means? …

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bridge ober a river

Building Bridges

Getting over it all. I know, I know. Build a bridge, get over it, and all the other platitudes one …

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rat on a stone

Can’t Live With Em, Can’t Kill Em: Understanding Relationship Values

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em. There are many variations of this that walk into an office every week. …

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sweets in a bowl, fork

Can’t Live With Em, Can’t Kill Em: Relationship Strategies

Relationships are amazing. For a transformational shift in the quality of your relationships, consider how you think of people in …

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Can’t Live With Em, Can’t Kill Em: Behavioral Anchoring

Relationships breakdowns are a very expensive process. Not just in the dividing of assets, but also emotionally, physically and mentally. …

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mirror on ground

Relationships: Looking Into The Mirror

Ah, relationships. Were you wondering when we would get around to the subject of relationships? There might have been a …

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