Eco Minds is built on the foundations of Dynamic Mind Works, the large and diverse community that was established, nurtured, loved and mentored by the late Robb Whitewood from 1999. 

Robb passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 56. He was Allison Low’s husband, best friend and business partner; as she navigated the grieving process, she became driven by a desire to bring his teachings to a new audience. 

Eco Minds Launched in March 2019 on the second anniversary of Robb’s passing, Eco Minds is the revolution of Robb’s legacy.

Robb’s legacy is everlasting and ever-present in everyone he taught, healed and shared his wisdom with. 

Through online courses and resources, live training events and one-to-one coaching and therapy, Eco Minds gives individuals who connect here the guidance and learning platform  to lead the life they love. 

Eco Minds Offers:

– Insightful and inspirational articles written by experts for everyone

– Online courses developed by qualified instructors and leaders who are Robb Whitewood Foundation certified

– One-to-one therapy or coaching sessions offered by specialists and experts who are Robb Whitewood Foundation certified

– Expertly crafted Live training events 

– Membership funding of community care projects where practitioners and trainers can connect with areas of communities in need

About Allison Low

Allison is the founder of Eco Minds and was the co-director and general manager of Dynamic Mind Works.

With a solid background in therapeutic practices and a drive to help others, Allison Low brings a mix of skill and compassion to the Eco Minds community. Her mission is to heal the world by empowering each individual, helping them be their true selves so they may live in harmony with the community and the earth. Seeking to launch Robb Whitewood’s legacy to the world, she founded Eco Minds in 2019.

Allison’s career path was once seemingly mapped out in the field of Research in Behavioural Sciences, but her flair for Analytical Programming took her overseas in 1995. Over the past 20 years she’s visited over 37 countries, working with over 17 multi-national companies.

Everything changed in 2006, when Allison joined Dynamic Mind Works. All these years later, NLP remains the human advancing technology she is most passionate about – something which is evident at the core of Eco Minds’ personal development programs and resources. 


– Graduated with a Bachelor of Science, hons Psychology, in 1992

– Diploma in Remedial Massage in Australia in 1992, and in England in 2004

– Holds EFT qualifications

– Completed NLP Practitioner certification course with Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) in 2005 in London, UK

– Completed the Master NLP Practitioner certification with Dynamic Mind Works in Australia

– The joint founder of the Association of Applied NLP (AANLP)

About Robb Whitewood

Robb Whitewood founded Dynamic Mind Works in 1999, with a vision of improving life for millions of individuals around the world. Robb was a rare combination of a trainer, motivator and entertainer; his wisdom and near-magical healing abilities led his students to name him “Earth Angel”. 

Throughout his life, Robb had a strong affinity with both Chinese and Japanese cultures, practising martial arts and following Taoist philosophy. From the age of 15, Robb studied and practised Chinese Medicine, later becoming a highly skilled and qualified Acupuncturist and Diagnostician. In addition, Robb was also a Master Trainer and Clinician in Hypnosis and NLP. In the 1980s, he studied meditation under a priest, Torjinga, in Japan and was informed he was “One of Twelve”. 

Robb’s career as a teacher, mentor and clinician spanned over 30 years; his legacy is everlasting.

Qualifications and Achievements:

– Founder of Neuro Relationship Therapy (NRT)

– Certified NLP Trainer

– Certified Master Practitioner of NLP

– Certified Master Hypnotist

– Certified Master Practitioner of Time Based Therapy (TBT)

– Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)

– Founder of the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) in 2004

– Founder of the Association of Applied NLP (AANLP) in 2015

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